How to have an affair with your spouse, got ya!  You thought this was going to be about having an affair outside your marriage.  Why not have an affair within your marriage and in the process spice up your life.

Spice, probably something you haven't seen since your honeymoon.  Or the last time you both really went out to do something toatlly different.

As enticing and exciting the thought of having an affair with someone new, someone who is not your spouse may be the hard truth is that most of the people having affairs eventually return to their spouse.  That's just the way it is, this person is someone you are comfortable with, you've spent a long time with this person.  They know all your faults & foibles, all your strnghts and weaknesses.  They truly understand you so why not have an affair with them instead.  Spice up not only your life but your spouses as well.  Who knows you might rediscver & rekindle that something special you had way back then.

The best way to have an affair with your spouse is to get out of the rut you're presently in and begin thinking in a different way about the two of you.  Think about what you could do differently that you are not doing currently.  Invite her/him out for a quick lunch out of the blue.  Buy flowers or chocolate, surprise them with tickets to a movie or theater.  Begin doing things as if this was a brand new relationship.  A relationship which you want to succeed.

This new approach will lead to new adventures and will rekindle what you had in the beginning, or even something better.

There are many things, ideas which you can consider and do...
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