Cheating Woman

Married women looking to cheat have been a lot more visible in the past 10 years then ever before.

How has this happened? Why is there such a hug number of unhappily married women trying to find new partners, both male and female, with which to have affairs with?

One explanation that was put forward for this huge spike in women having affairs was that the majority of these married ladies got married far too young.

They never had a chance to experience sexual relationships with a variety of different partners, sounds kind of simplistic, does it not? Well, most of the time the simple answer is usually the correct one.

If we get married a young age, we find that as we mature through life, that we may be harboring some regrets, we may become aware of the fact that we did not allow ourselves the chance to satisfy the desires we had before we got married, this is often the case because at the time we were fully convinced that these desires would be filled by our partner. It is only as we begin to settle into our marriage, that we discover the horrifying truth, these desires will never be fulfilled, and instead of growing closer to our spouse, we are actually growing apart.

So, we find ourselves in a passionless relationship with no fire in our sex life. This is a perfect recipe for married women looking to cheat on their husbands. Usually the first port of call for a woman who is seeking to have an affair is online forums and blogs, she wants to search out other people who feel as she does, and try to find out where they go, or is there a particular married  dating website that they all belong to.

A woman who wants to have an affair will 9 times out of 10 join a dating site for married people because there are some very professional ones out there that are very discreet and can ensure her privacy and anonymity. Quite literally,  your next door neighbor may be a member of one of these sites, be having an affair with a guy from the other side of town and no one would ever be any the wiser.
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Open Relationships
Have you ever heard the argument that humans simply aren't biologically designed for monogamy? It's been discussed in just about every major medium from news shows to talk radio and in all forms of print. Could it be that with so much talk about this subject that open relationships might just be the key to giving a relationship the spark it needs?

Of course, considering the degree of infidelity in our society, it really is only natural to question whether or not we're hard-wired to remain with one given mate.

Today, cheating is occurring more commonly on the grounds that people are merely seeking something new, they're seeking a fresh alternative. If you were to trace back the origins of promiscuity, you'd see that the biological reason for it was rooted in fear.

That's right - fear. Today, we live in a fairly safe world. We have police forces watching our neighborhoods, we have fire departments ready to safe entire neighborhoods from going up in flames when one home catches fire. And we also have some highly advanced medical practices that can save us from illnesses and injuries that would easily have claimed our lives as little as a few decades back.

If we were to take a look back to the Cenozoic Era, times were very dangerous and whether humans realize it or not, we're biologically hard-wired to promote the growth of our species. Promiscuity was done for the sake of preserving existence. It was also done for the sake of evolution.

Quite a different reason to sleep around, compared to modern-day, isn't it?

However, there is something to be (once again) learned from our ancestors. Growing the population the way they did no doubt took co-operation. Let's face it, there's no doubt that attachment between some couples might have gotten in the way of things.

Yet, considering the decreased access to food and other resources, greater vulnerability to disease and environmental conditions not to mention being prone to attack from animals we now more commonly see in zoos, they made it.

Could this mean that what was applied by our ancestors for their survival can be applied to modern day romantic relationships to increase their likelihood of lasting? Perhaps.

Ideally, we all find that one perfect mate that fits us like a glove, that compliments us like no other and that's that. We start something that will last forever and nothing will ever get in the way. But we all know it's nothing like that.

If you're presently in a relationship and you fear that you might stray or that your partner might be heading in that direction, take a step back and re-consider the dynamic of the relationship before attacking your mate or putting an end to the relationship.

For more ideas on how to propose an open relationship to a new mate or introducing the idea of it in an established relationship, check out the
Cheating  Spouse Detector Blog.

Tanlynn Abbott wrote for
Cheating Spouse Detector and though her writing usually  focuses on case studies of cheating or doling out advice, she is presently  looking into the nature of open relationships and how they may relieve some  couples of the deceitful nature of infidelity.

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First Date Horror Stories

First dates. They can be that magical moment when you realize you have a connection with someone, or they can be the stuff nightmares are made of. The fine art of first dates can be the beginning of a beautiful relationship or wreak havoc on the ego of even the most confident among us.

 We all have first-date horror stories. The guy who spent an hour longingly reminiscing about his years as an eagle scout, or the woman who takes three 
calls from her ex-boyfriend and gushes about his huge sailboat. I even had a client tell me that a blind date walked in and, without saying a word, walked right back out. Ouch!

While we can laugh at these stories, have you ever wondered if you are "the bad date" who gets laughed at over happy hour with friends? No, you say, of course not. But, I regularly talk with singles who are able to get the first date, but have no idea why they never get a call for a second.

There are many reasons why two people connect. But, just to be safe, follow these tried-and-tested rules to make sure your next first date gets the proper opportunity for a second one.

First-Date Do's and Don'ts


Get in the right mindset

Somewhere along the way, dates have turned into an interview for marriage. Gee, that isn't intimidating or anything! This is a date. It's two people getting to know each other in a safe, social setting. You are not looking for a spouse or even a significant other. You're just looking for a second date. Your new mindset? Have fun, keep it light, and stay in the moment. At the end of the date, don't forget to ask yourself if you want a second date?


I love the story about a so-called "successful" date one client had. The connection was there, and the conversation flowed all night. "I can't believe he didn't call!" she said after a week had passed since her "amazing date." But, when I asked her to tell me more about the other person, her face went blank.

It's true the conversation flowed ... from her.  Listening is a key rule for the first few dates. It's a sure-fire way to make a positive first impression, and it will immediately show that your date - not you - is the center of attention. No matter how easy this sounds, asking open-ended questions and actually listening to the answers will get you everywhere.

You get to choose, too

Sometimes we are so excited that someone is interested in us that we forget to see if he or she is, in fact, a good match. We allow ourselves to be "chosen" by the other person, instead of choosing that person ourselves.

We need to know what we are looking for in a date, and we need to have the confidence to be able to choose (or not choose) a person based on our own beliefs, values, personality, etc. The minute we let someone else choose us, we are handing over the power in the relationship, which almost guarantees future resentment, anger and frustration. You need to be willing to know what you are looking for and choose someone back.


Drag it out

I don't know when we decided that every date needs to last hours. I don't think anyone wins from that situation. Your first couple of dates should be short and easy. Set up a lunch or coffee date. Talk, ask questions,  laugh and leave. Your date will find you a lot more intriguing if he or she 
knows you have a life to get to, and it will give your date a reason to call and ask you out again soon.

Dress inappropriately

Wear an outfit that makes you feel great and gives you confidence.  If you are out with friends and want to wear a shirt that's maybe little too low-cut, that's fine. But it is not appropriate for your dates. The idea is to have someone interested in all of you, not just parts. Also,  don't wear something that looks good but makes you feel stiff or awkward, as this translates to your behavior and body language. Remember, your objective is to get to know the other person and have fun in his or her company; you can't do that if you're distracted by your clothes.

Drink too much

You're a little nervous about dinner with your new date, and you figure a glass of wine will take the edge off, right? There is nothing wrong with a drink or two with your date (depending on personal limits, of course). But nobody wants to talk to a drunk person across the table. Not only 
is it a turn-off, but you are more likely to share things you wouldn't normally share. You will wake up embarrassed the next day, and you probably won't get a call for a second date.

Reveal everything

As you are getting to know someone, keep the conversation interesting, but keep it light. No one needs to hear about former relationships or how many children you want the first few times you go out together. Find fun and neutral topics that will give you a peek at this new person without sharing too much, too soon. We all move at different paces and "putting it all out there" right away can be intimidating for some people.  People who would be potential dates.

There's no denying that first dates can be intimidating and nerve-wracking;  there can be a fine line between putting your best foot forward and being yourself. But, by keeping these simple tips in mind, your next first date can easily and quickly morph from an anxiety-ridden situation into a fun, relaxed event that hopefully leads to date #2.

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Internet Dating Horror Stories
Is it just me, or is the internet dating scene a breeding ground for the most evil, hateful bottom-feeders in existence?

I am no stranger to internet dating. I first signed up in the summer of 2006, when my first serious relationship finally ended after a long, slow death. I was  on the rebound with a vengeance and it suited my needs perfectly. But then 
something weird happened- I felt, almost unable to let go.

As I was getting my life back together, it seemed like it was a comfort thing, a tool to get my fix for attention and adoration from all my "fans".  After years of being put down all the time and "changed" it felt nice to have strange men compliment me and compete for my affections. It made me feel good to be liked for who I am, and, in all honesty, helped me (inadvertently) get back a  self-esteem that I had long forgotten about.

The years passed by and with each short relationship, I drifted away and came back to online dating several times. It almost seemed like an addiction, how I would get high on myself and think "I don't need this shitty site, look at me!" only to leave and be called back to it once more, dependent on my need for "love".  Begrudgingly I would set up a new account in the hope that I would find someone who actually liked me.

See, this is the weird thing about internet dating, is that all these people are mixed in with you, talking to you, and competing with you. It becomes a place where people victimize others, manipulators come out of hiding, and the social outcasts become the dominant force. Give a man a mask and his true face is revealed!

Suddenly I was getting hatemail from anything to short messages just to tell me I was ugly, to these elaborately laid out essays on how I was a jerk because I didn't like short guys, or because I preferred one trait over another. Men who messaged me previously, whom I didn't respond to, or whom I rejected, would flame, report and send me the most evil messages I have ever heard. Some of these hate-letters I received on Valentine's Day, of all days.

First of all, since when is it "incorrect" to have physical preferences?  Honestly, I have found the majority of the best looking, most charismatic guys on the particular site I use are shorter than 5'10; Unfortunately for me,  inherently I posses a gene that prohibits me from being attracted to men who aren't significantly taller than me. It's definitely not personal, just a  preference, but I get flamed for it a lot.

And then the dates... Some of the dates I have been on are scary to even talk about, to be honest. Some people, let me tell you, are just plain lying. I have met men who looked nothing like their picture. I've met guys who were completely  awkward and abrasive. I have been on dates with guys who insulted me, yelled at  me, and made fun of my appearance, among other things.

Let me just say, I am not an ugly person, on the inside or the outside. I treat everyone close to me with respect and courtesy, and if they need help, I will do whatever they need as long as it's within my capability. I have been called "pretty" and would consider myself a fairly attractive woman. So when I get insults like these, it really hurts my pride and makes me feel crappy,  mostly because I know it's untrue and I feel stupid for letting it bother me.

Also, I would like to touch briefly on how unimaginably crazy some people on these sites are. Ladies, please be careful! Please! As an experienced person in the realm of internet dating, I want to personally warn you that some of the men on these sites are predators: Plain and simple. I have been stalked, harassed, physically beaten, yelled at, abandoned (left stranded), threatened and mentally abused by men I have met on these sites. No joke.

There have been a lot of good experiences, as well as bad ones, and I suppose the good is what has kept me coming back to the site so many times. I want to have faith that I will meet someone decent to spend time with, because I have met some really amazing people. I have a new group of friends from various walks of life and experiences, whom I adore, thanks to one of the most popular sites. I have had many friends come in and out of my life, and I appreciate them all  for being there, as long or as little time I had them.

As for the men I have dated, I have met some very amazing men whom I wish things would have worked out with. There have been men who weren't quite a fit, but whom I respect greatly and know they are wonderful people. There have been some I tried to convince myself I was made for, even.

The years have passed and I finally have come into my own as a person, and I am realizing that, in one way or another, we are all broken. Maybe that's what has brought me back again and again, the knowledge that on these sites, these people understand that part of me, the broken part. They understand loneliness and solitude, and a longing for something that seems unattainable. I am also finding that, the more I love myself, and know myself, the less I need to care about what these strange men think of me or their love-hate-filled letters. I find myself appreciating the compliments I get, but not really "needing" them as I craved them before. I am discovering that the more I understand myself, the more insight into the actions of others; I see through their actions, and most of all, the easier it becomes to separate the ones who are worth my time, and those who are not.

Overall, I think the whole internet dating scene is a great venue for meeting friends and business networking above all. As far as romantically, I have personally never dated anyone from those sites for more than 3 months in the 3+ years I've been using them, so I can tell you from experience that I would not foresee long-term potential from this medium, for several reasons. However, I do believe that everyone is different, and I know of several people who have gotten  married to people they met online. That has not been my personal experience in  the least, however, I am a keeper of the faith.

I do believe in love, and believe me, I love being in love. I refuse to be a slave to it, though, and settle for less than what I am happy with for the sake of being "attached" to someone. I truly believe you need to love yourself before you can love another, and when the time is right for me, my Knight will come and  seek me out. Until then, I'm putting away my internet profile ladies and
gents,  because in all honesty (and in my opinion)- It sucks.

 Samantha Hlavacek 
is a proud contributing author and writes many types of content from 
articles to creative fiction and business material. To view more FREE articles 
and samples, visit her at []

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Big Beautiful Breasts

The tendency to overlook the stark reality of the basic man starts early in  life. The first dress that's purchased in order to grab the attention of a "special" boy is where it begins. Then come fancy haircuts, cosmetics and diets. 

In the end, probably 90% of all the efforts failed to register.

Men are oblivious to much of what women do to interest and attract them. I said "much," and this is where it's easy to lose track of what is and isn't getting through.

Let me set the scene: an elegant restaurant in a fancy east coast city; 4 men in their late twenties and early thirties are enjoying dinner; there are lots of  laughs and excellent conversation around the table. A good looking couple enters the main dining room. The woman is wearing a see through blouse, without a bra.

What a surprise! The guys notice. They aren't looking at her eye shadow, or notice that her gold earrings match the bracelet. They are admiring, her breasts.

As the couple moves across the room, it becomes perfectly obvious that they are being watched by an appreciative audience. When she gets into range, the woman turns to the nearest man at the table and snaps, "What do you think you are staring at?" Under the circumstances, it's a question that rates with Grouch's "Who's buried in Grant's tomb?"

What did she think they were staring at? What was the point of wearing the revealing blouse in the first place? Those four men weren't blind.

But again, they didn't notice the expensive haircut and the manicure. It wasn't a matter of being rude, or immature, or sex-crazed. When it comes to women, a man's optic nerves run directly to his crotch.

The news shouldn't be much of a shock, but the facts of life get rearranged by those who like to sell a new line of fall fashions, designer cosmetics, or high speed liposuctions.

Men are "supposed" to be turned on by a particular shade of lipstick. Men are "supposed" to be turned on by little button noses. Men are "supposed" to be turned on by skinny women.

Says who? Cosmetic czars? Plastic Surgeons?  Millionaire diet doctors?

The message that gets lost in the chorus of special interest pleading is the most important one of all - Men are attracted to breasts. Simple.
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Bra Technique
So here's the sketch; you're out having a drink with some of your mates, across the bar is an extremely attractive lady. You want to approach her but you can't think of a thing to say.

So unfortunately you ask your somewhat tipsy friends. One of whom suggests that you should use a dirty dating pick up line to grab her attention.

The theory behind using a dirty pick up line is to create a charismatic sexual effect on both of the people, but in reality it has somewhat of an opposite result which tend to disgust women, unless of course you are using it within the realms of dirty dating. If you have ever used a dirty pick up line you would know by now the reaction a woman has to it, if you haven't then the word to describe the reaction would be revolted.

Just the other day I sat at a very busy bar conducting a dirty dating study of my own, I listened carefully to men who approached women. Here are some of the thing's that I've heard so far (good, bad and the ugly)

"The worlds about to end, I'm sure you me and you could create the new big  bang."

"I've never met the twins in front of you, would you mind if I said hello?"

"I got the cream if you give me the Strawberries?"

"Is it me? Or have I seen you in bed?"

"I'm sure my keys would definitely boost your ignition."

Most of these dirty lines are pretty funny, but the honest truth is they hardly ever work, but again if you were in the dirty dating scene then of course it would, as anything goes in dirty erotic dating.

The truth is most women want to know what's in a guys head before they think about what's in his pants. They love to talk, so if you have something interesting to say, say it. Small talk is for kids it's time to grow up and you'll exactly know how easy it is to take a girl home with you.

Go up to her, introduce yourself, tell her something that interest's you, show your a bit keen to get to know her but not overly, instead that will make her try to reel you in. Even if it is a simple conversation you will find out how much better it is than using dirty pick up lines which are mainly used for dirty dating. Whether you're simple dating or dirty dating make sure you know exactly how to approach each one.

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