Cheating Woman

Married women looking to cheat have been a lot more visible in the past 10 years then ever before.

How has this happened? Why is there such a hug number of unhappily married women trying to find new partners, both male and female, with which to have affairs with?

One explanation that was put forward for this huge spike in women having affairs was that the majority of these married ladies got married far too young.

They never had a chance to experience sexual relationships with a variety of different partners, sounds kind of simplistic, does it not? Well, most of the time the simple answer is usually the correct one.

If we get married a young age, we find that as we mature through life, that we may be harboring some regrets, we may become aware of the fact that we did not allow ourselves the chance to satisfy the desires we had before we got married, this is often the case because at the time we were fully convinced that these desires would be filled by our partner. It is only as we begin to settle into our marriage, that we discover the horrifying truth, these desires will never be fulfilled, and instead of growing closer to our spouse, we are actually growing apart.

So, we find ourselves in a passionless relationship with no fire in our sex life. This is a perfect recipe for married women looking to cheat on their husbands. Usually the first port of call for a woman who is seeking to have an affair is online forums and blogs, she wants to search out other people who feel as she does, and try to find out where they go, or is there a particular married  dating website that they all belong to.

A woman who wants to have an affair will 9 times out of 10 join a dating site for married people because there are some very professional ones out there that are very discreet and can ensure her privacy and anonymity. Quite literally,  your next door neighbor may be a member of one of these sites, be having an affair with a guy from the other side of town and no one would ever be any the wiser.
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Open Relationships
Have you ever heard the argument that humans simply aren't biologically designed for monogamy? It's been discussed in just about every major medium from news shows to talk radio and in all forms of print. Could it be that with so much talk about this subject that open relationships might just be the key to giving a relationship the spark it needs?

Of course, considering the degree of infidelity in our society, it really is only natural to question whether or not we're hard-wired to remain with one given mate.

Today, cheating is occurring more commonly on the grounds that people are merely seeking something new, they're seeking a fresh alternative. If you were to trace back the origins of promiscuity, you'd see that the biological reason for it was rooted in fear.

That's right - fear. Today, we live in a fairly safe world. We have police forces watching our neighborhoods, we have fire departments ready to safe entire neighborhoods from going up in flames when one home catches fire. And we also have some highly advanced medical practices that can save us from illnesses and injuries that would easily have claimed our lives as little as a few decades back.

If we were to take a look back to the Cenozoic Era, times were very dangerous and whether humans realize it or not, we're biologically hard-wired to promote the growth of our species. Promiscuity was done for the sake of preserving existence. It was also done for the sake of evolution.

Quite a different reason to sleep around, compared to modern-day, isn't it?

However, there is something to be (once again) learned from our ancestors. Growing the population the way they did no doubt took co-operation. Let's face it, there's no doubt that attachment between some couples might have gotten in the way of things.

Yet, considering the decreased access to food and other resources, greater vulnerability to disease and environmental conditions not to mention being prone to attack from animals we now more commonly see in zoos, they made it.

Could this mean that what was applied by our ancestors for their survival can be applied to modern day romantic relationships to increase their likelihood of lasting? Perhaps.

Ideally, we all find that one perfect mate that fits us like a glove, that compliments us like no other and that's that. We start something that will last forever and nothing will ever get in the way. But we all know it's nothing like that.

If you're presently in a relationship and you fear that you might stray or that your partner might be heading in that direction, take a step back and re-consider the dynamic of the relationship before attacking your mate or putting an end to the relationship.

For more ideas on how to propose an open relationship to a new mate or introducing the idea of it in an established relationship, check out the
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Tanlynn Abbott wrote for
Cheating Spouse Detector and though her writing usually  focuses on case studies of cheating or doling out advice, she is presently  looking into the nature of open relationships and how they may relieve some  couples of the deceitful nature of infidelity.

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How to have an affair with your spouse, got ya!  You thought this was going to be about having an affair outside your marriage.  Why not have an affair within your marriage and in the process spice up your life.

Spice, probably something you haven't seen since your honeymoon.  Or the last time you both really went out to do something toatlly different.

As enticing and exciting the thought of having an affair with someone new, someone who is not your spouse may be the hard truth is that most of the people having affairs eventually return to their spouse.  That's just the way it is, this person is someone you are comfortable with, you've spent a long time with this person.  They know all your faults & foibles, all your strnghts and weaknesses.  They truly understand you so why not have an affair with them instead.  Spice up not only your life but your spouses as well.  Who knows you might rediscver & rekindle that something special you had way back then.

The best way to have an affair with your spouse is to get out of the rut you're presently in and begin thinking in a different way about the two of you.  Think about what you could do differently that you are not doing currently.  Invite her/him out for a quick lunch out of the blue.  Buy flowers or chocolate, surprise them with tickets to a movie or theater.  Begin doing things as if this was a brand new relationship.  A relationship which you want to succeed.

This new approach will lead to new adventures and will rekindle what you had in the beginning, or even something better.

There are many things, ideas which you can consider and do...
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What's the biggest problem with having an affair while being married?  Getting caught and everything which follows.

Today we'll discuss how to minimize the risk of getting caught and by doing so keeping your family intact.

No paper trail
Don't put anything on paper!  If going out to eat or to the hotel or something else always pay cash.  By doing so your spouse cannot connect you to anything you've been doing via receipts, hotel stationery, menus etc.  Don't pick up menus, hotel brochures and other paper information from places to which you and your spouse haven't been. Basically don't pick up anything!

Zip your lip
Keep your mouth shut! I know it's tempting to tell someone what your'e doing but the best way to get caught is to tell someone.  Do not rely on them to keep your secrets, they don't owe you that.  Eventually they'll slip and tell someone else and that person will tell someone else, etc.  You're caught, busted!

Stay away from home
You're having an affair, that's your problem but never, ever under any circumstances bring your affair to your home.  Someone will see, whether it's your spouse, your kids or your neighbor, someone will see.  Guess what? from that moment your life as you know it is over.  Welcome to pain and suffering.  Don't be stupid, keep it away from your home.

No electronic trail
Do not text or email, it's so easy for your spouse to check your phone or your email account.  If you need to email create another account which no one but you knows about and even then delete all messages as soon as possible.  Better safe than sorry.

Be picky
Don't pick the first person you like, they may be unstable or want more than you're willing to give.  Ideally, find someone who has as much to lose as you, at least then you both will work to avoid anyone finding out about your affair.

The blossoming of the internet has created many websites for those married people who are interested in dating someone else other than their spouse.  This has also led to many more people experimenting with married affairs online.

In the last several years computer technology along with convenience and privacy have allowed this area to grow rapidly.  When you can sit in your home, go online and almost instantly sign up and connect with other people who are interested in the same thing you are, mainly extramarital affairs, it becomes really simple to "meet and greet."

You can browse by geographical location, ethnic group, age or body size.  You can view their profile and photo.  In the comfort of your home, looking relaxed, perhaps unwashed and in a wrinkled shirt, you can reach out and connect with any person.  You can set up a date or a string of dates which would be very difficult if you were in a bar. Online married affairs are basically a click of the mouse away. 

Before the internet dating for married people was one of the dirty secrets out there.  If you were married and wanted to go outside your marriage then you had to sneak around and pick up whatever was available. 

Now, with a computer and internet access, you can go online and search for any type of individual that strikes your fancy.  You can look for others who are married but just want to add some spice to their lives or for people who get off on being with a married person.

Online married dating takes a lot of the sneaking around and stress away from finding someone to have just a bootycall or a somewhat longer relationship.  This type of dating gives you the opportunity to not only select from a bigger pool but also to check them out first in the comfort of your home.

Many sites have been set up to cater to dating for married people, to provide a way for those who are married and just looking to add that little bit of spice or to just get something which they may not get at home.