If you are over fifty and have not dated for a while and someone shows interest somehow you can't help yourself but to become overwhelmed by the feeling.

You are too overwhelmed that you have no time to caution yourself and miss to read some dating tips for seniors. After a quite some time of just quietly sitting on your porch and watching falling stars to go by and wishing to have somebody to call your own has finally come true.

You now spend your nights hanging around with this new person you meet online. You look blooming, inspired  and just can't seem to stop grinning.

You feel much younger and energetic, as if somebody has woke you up from a  long sleep, just like Sleeping Beauty who after sleeping for a length of time, is now waken up by her Prince Charming's sweet kiss.

You know in your heart that your happy ending is at hand. Having dinner, watching a movie, a romantic walk along the park, these are the things you really miss. You feel like walking in the clouds every time you're with your date. As a matter of fact you're walking  way up the clouds that your feet are no longer grounded.

It's like looking through a rose-tinted glass, you fail to see what's really  going on. You overlooked the fact that every time you go out, you are the one paying for everything from the dinner to the carnival rides, even his fare for the taxi. You fail to spot that the cell number he gave you was not his but his cousin's and now he slyly wants you to buy him his cellphone so you can contact  him anytime, any day at your convenience. You practically have no idea that you are dating a scoundrel. To have more idea that you are seeing a two-faced saint with horns, here are some dating tips for seniors.

He has a now you see him now you don't attitude. He only shows his face when he needs you but he is so cunningly good with his words that you cannot get mad at him. When you try to contact him, he is nowhere to be found for days but when he runs out cash he suddenly knocks on your door and cook you and himself some dinner and snuggle and make you forget about his disappearing act. Further  dating tips for seniors that your date is a 100 carat fake is when he lies to  you, even on the little things.

Another dating tips for seniors that your date is a scoundrel is when you are quietly having dinner at this fancy restaurant when suddenly a pregnant woman came, standing in front of your table and asked him for his financial obligations. Another dating tips for seniors that the guy you're seeing is a full of crap when he introduced you to his acquaintances as his aunt or worse his mother. Though this may be an extreme example but the point here is, it's not going to hurt you if you try to know the facts about his past. Dating tips for seniors is all about being cautious.

You have all the right to be happy and give yourself another shot for romance just remember some dating tips for seniors that can somehow warn you and keep your self-respect intact.

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