Cheating Tips - How to Have an Affair and Not Get Caught!

If you type in "having an affair" into any search engine the likelyhood that what you'll get back is how to catch someone having an affair will be great.  Basically that's all there is out there.  What we'll try to do here is to approach it from the other side - how to have an affair without getting busted.

If you are serious about having an affair don't treat it as something that is of no consequence.  It's a huge step in your life, especially if you get caught.  Treat your interest in having an affair just like you would a military campaign.

That is- plan in advance, you can't just tell your spouse out of the blue that you're going out of town with so-and-so if you've never been out of town before.  Plan this out in detail and prepare for this month's in advance.  Create a believable set of friends or circumstances and continue living this plan.

When it's time to jump in to an affair sign up online for services which offer opportunities to hook up with others who want to have an affair.  Remember to set up a different email account which only you have access to when signing up for online services and communicating with more

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