What's the biggest problem with having an affair while being married?  Getting caught and everything which follows.

Today we'll discuss how to minimize the risk of getting caught and by doing so keeping your family intact.

No paper trail
Don't put anything on paper!  If going out to eat or to the hotel or something else always pay cash.  By doing so your spouse cannot connect you to anything you've been doing via receipts, hotel stationery, menus etc.  Don't pick up menus, hotel brochures and other paper information from places to which you and your spouse haven't been. Basically don't pick up anything!

Zip your lip
Keep your mouth shut! I know it's tempting to tell someone what your'e doing but the best way to get caught is to tell someone.  Do not rely on them to keep your secrets, they don't owe you that.  Eventually they'll slip and tell someone else and that person will tell someone else, etc.  You're caught, busted!

Stay away from home
You're having an affair, that's your problem but never, ever under any circumstances bring your affair to your home.  Someone will see, whether it's your spouse, your kids or your neighbor, someone will see.  Guess what? from that moment your life as you know it is over.  Welcome to pain and suffering.  Don't be stupid, keep it away from your home.

No electronic trail
Do not text or email, it's so easy for your spouse to check your phone or your email account.  If you need to email create another account which no one but you knows about and even then delete all messages as soon as possible.  Better safe than sorry.

Be picky
Don't pick the first person you like, they may be unstable or want more than you're willing to give.  Ideally, find someone who has as much to lose as you, at least then you both will work to avoid anyone finding out about your affair.

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