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Have you ever heard the argument that humans simply aren't biologically designed for monogamy? It's been discussed in just about every major medium from news shows to talk radio and in all forms of print. Could it be that with so much talk about this subject that open relationships might just be the key to giving a relationship the spark it needs?

Of course, considering the degree of infidelity in our society, it really is only natural to question whether or not we're hard-wired to remain with one given mate.

Today, cheating is occurring more commonly on the grounds that people are merely seeking something new, they're seeking a fresh alternative. If you were to trace back the origins of promiscuity, you'd see that the biological reason for it was rooted in fear.

That's right - fear. Today, we live in a fairly safe world. We have police forces watching our neighborhoods, we have fire departments ready to safe entire neighborhoods from going up in flames when one home catches fire. And we also have some highly advanced medical practices that can save us from illnesses and injuries that would easily have claimed our lives as little as a few decades back.

If we were to take a look back to the Cenozoic Era, times were very dangerous and whether humans realize it or not, we're biologically hard-wired to promote the growth of our species. Promiscuity was done for the sake of preserving existence. It was also done for the sake of evolution.

Quite a different reason to sleep around, compared to modern-day, isn't it?

However, there is something to be (once again) learned from our ancestors. Growing the population the way they did no doubt took co-operation. Let's face it, there's no doubt that attachment between some couples might have gotten in the way of things.

Yet, considering the decreased access to food and other resources, greater vulnerability to disease and environmental conditions not to mention being prone to attack from animals we now more commonly see in zoos, they made it.

Could this mean that what was applied by our ancestors for their survival can be applied to modern day romantic relationships to increase their likelihood of lasting? Perhaps.

Ideally, we all find that one perfect mate that fits us like a glove, that compliments us like no other and that's that. We start something that will last forever and nothing will ever get in the way. But we all know it's nothing like that.

If you're presently in a relationship and you fear that you might stray or that your partner might be heading in that direction, take a step back and re-consider the dynamic of the relationship before attacking your mate or putting an end to the relationship.

For more ideas on how to propose an open relationship to a new mate or introducing the idea of it in an established relationship, check out the
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Tanlynn Abbott wrote for
Cheating Spouse Detector and though her writing usually  focuses on case studies of cheating or doling out advice, she is presently  looking into the nature of open relationships and how they may relieve some  couples of the deceitful nature of infidelity.

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