Big Beautiful Breasts

The tendency to overlook the stark reality of the basic man starts early in  life. The first dress that's purchased in order to grab the attention of a "special" boy is where it begins. Then come fancy haircuts, cosmetics and diets. 

In the end, probably 90% of all the efforts failed to register.

Men are oblivious to much of what women do to interest and attract them. I said "much," and this is where it's easy to lose track of what is and isn't getting through.

Let me set the scene: an elegant restaurant in a fancy east coast city; 4 men in their late twenties and early thirties are enjoying dinner; there are lots of  laughs and excellent conversation around the table. A good looking couple enters the main dining room. The woman is wearing a see through blouse, without a bra.

What a surprise! The guys notice. They aren't looking at her eye shadow, or notice that her gold earrings match the bracelet. They are admiring, her breasts.

As the couple moves across the room, it becomes perfectly obvious that they are being watched by an appreciative audience. When she gets into range, the woman turns to the nearest man at the table and snaps, "What do you think you are staring at?" Under the circumstances, it's a question that rates with Grouch's "Who's buried in Grant's tomb?"

What did she think they were staring at? What was the point of wearing the revealing blouse in the first place? Those four men weren't blind.

But again, they didn't notice the expensive haircut and the manicure. It wasn't a matter of being rude, or immature, or sex-crazed. When it comes to women, a man's optic nerves run directly to his crotch.

The news shouldn't be much of a shock, but the facts of life get rearranged by those who like to sell a new line of fall fashions, designer cosmetics, or high speed liposuctions.

Men are "supposed" to be turned on by a particular shade of lipstick. Men are "supposed" to be turned on by little button noses. Men are "supposed" to be turned on by skinny women.

Says who? Cosmetic czars? Plastic Surgeons?  Millionaire diet doctors?

The message that gets lost in the chorus of special interest pleading is the most important one of all - Men are attracted to breasts. Simple.
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Hot Booty
You ask "What's booty got to do with it?"

Everything! Without this fine booty life would be unbearable.

A Scoundrel is a true "bootycall" artist.  He knows that he, or she, wants just one thing - non-binding sexual action.

Just want it when I want it and no further entanglement.  The woman needs to be ready and waiting for my call.  When I'm ready she must be ready and willing.

It's not that difficult, really.  Don't believe me?

Just go online and type bootycall, see what comes up.  Many women who are ready and willing for a no strings attached relationship.

There are actually many  websites  set up just for this type of action, no strings at all.  Just call and set it up.

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Hot Drinking Mama
Who wants to be a scoundrel?  Being a scoundrel  works for some guys.  Look at the guy who has had many women, he's usually is a jerk, he doesn't care about women's feelings.

That's what you need to become if ya wants to be a scoundrel.

Develop that I don't give a f*** attitude, it's all about me.  Hey, it's going to be difficult to be that guy, but if you want it you can do it.

You'll discover that to be succesful you'll need to ignore your friends and buddies.  You'll lose most of them along the way anyway. 

As you focus more on becoming a scoundrel, fewer and fewer people will want to spend time with you.

So what, you're after a scoundrel.  You're after becoming the Casanova of the world.

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What is a scoundrel?  Most people would not be able to give you a clear definition of the word.  So let's try to give one here.

Per the dictionary-
Scoundrel - (noun) an unprincipled, dishonorable person: a villain
                   - (adjective) mean or base in nature; villainous; unprincipled; dishonorable

                  - origin   1580-1590 (origin uncertain)

                  - synonyms   scamp, rapscallion, miscreant, knave

Some of these synonyms are unfamiliar to me, sounds like another post is coming regarding word definitions.

In today's usage a scoundrel is someone similar to Casanova- "The World's Greatest Lover!"  A scoundrel can be defined as someone, in the relationship arena, who goes out and conquers members of the opposite sex without regard for their relationship or marital status.  Sometimes referred to as adultery.

We know these things happen and there are many dating companies which have created a business model to meet these needs.  One of these companies is Ashley Madison, probably one of the best and most effective sites in putting scoundrels together with those who want to be scoundrelized.