What is a scoundrel?  Most people would not be able to give you a clear definition of the word.  So let's try to give one here.

Per the dictionary-
Scoundrel - (noun) an unprincipled, dishonorable person: a villain
                   - (adjective) mean or base in nature; villainous; unprincipled; dishonorable

                  - origin   1580-1590 (origin uncertain)

                  - synonyms   scamp, rapscallion, miscreant, knave

Some of these synonyms are unfamiliar to me, sounds like another post is coming regarding word definitions.

In today's usage a scoundrel is someone similar to Casanova- "The World's Greatest Lover!"  A scoundrel can be defined as someone, in the relationship arena, who goes out and conquers members of the opposite sex without regard for their relationship or marital status.  Sometimes referred to as adultery.

We know these things happen and there are many dating companies which have created a business model to meet these needs.  One of these companies is Ashley Madison, probably one of the best and most effective sites in putting scoundrels together with those who want to be scoundrelized.

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