The blossoming of the internet has created many websites for those married people who are interested in dating someone else other than their spouse.  This has also led to many more people experimenting with married affairs online.

In the last several years computer technology along with convenience and privacy have allowed this area to grow rapidly.  When you can sit in your home, go online and almost instantly sign up and connect with other people who are interested in the same thing you are, mainly extramarital affairs, it becomes really simple to "meet and greet."

You can browse by geographical location, ethnic group, age or body size.  You can view their profile and photo.  In the comfort of your home, looking relaxed, perhaps unwashed and in a wrinkled shirt, you can reach out and connect with any person.  You can set up a date or a string of dates which would be very difficult if you were in a bar. Online married affairs are basically a click of the mouse away. 

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